10 Maret 2012


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Dear Nurul..

I wanna  tell u something...

Nurul, please...Stop blaming yourself..

just believe that you can do the best you can do
Just believe that you can be the best you can be!
Coz Allah is always there and erase your pain
Coz Allah is always answer your pray..

(maybe)  you think that you are a tiny pebble in the world
But look at the people who loves  you
You are the world for them!

(maybe) you think that you are a silly one between the extraodinary people
But look at yourself
You have so much talent
It just about a little different
It's unique
Not bad!

You are  a winner because you are a fighter!

Just believe that!
Just believe that Allah makes you from the kind of happiness
Just believe that Allah is always love you and always make you as a precious one ...

Best regard


3 komentar:

Sang Inspirator Pena mengatakan...

Selamat ya teh nurul....^^

Nurul Maria Sisilia mengatakan...

@sang inspirator muda yang super:

nuhun, ya! terus berkarya, Eko ;)

Sri Al Hidayati mengatakan...

barakallah ukhtie :)

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