20 Desember 2012

20.12.2012; a Graduation Ceremony :)

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checking camera. Jalu being object. hhe

Checking camera #2

Checking camera #3

Grandma :)

Jalu and Kukuy. They still sleepy :p

jalu; "Zzzz...zz"

Aam and me @ home

Say "Cheese..!"

Graduation begin :)

Graduation begin :))

Ami (Puteri Gading Martial Art) and me. "Next year, you will be there. Like today , Ami." :)

Rombongan PG #masih :D

with Esti. #MasihRombonganPG :)

with Fitri :)

Get a flower from Eko. So much thanks :D

with Eko

with Al-qolam, Student activity of Islamic Literary. :)

nice gift from Al-qolam... Thank youuuu :*

with al-qolam #masih :D

"Look at this cameraaa!"

Boss with the Older. wohoho :p

Me, Eko, Windi, Fitri.. :D

Alhamdulillah, wa syukurillah..
So much much much thanks to my honorable teacher, Mr. Nanan Suryana (and family), for joining my graduation ceremony. 
Very very very precious moment.
Thanks, God. :)

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Sang Inspirator Pena mengatakan...

wah... with alqolam na banyakan... :D

Dwirara_ mengatakan...

waaaah, slamat ya nuy. eh seriusan pa nanan ada?

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