18 September 2012

Things We Waste*

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Knowledge that we have

Wasted by not taking action with it 

Deeds that we make
Wasted by commiting them with no sincerity

Struggle that we do
Wasted because intended to get honor

Anger that we express
Wasted by commiting it with emotion, not clear mind

love that we share
Wasted because it's derived from lust only

Wealth that we get
Wasted because it's spent not for others

Failure that we face
Wasted because it becomes tha reason for desperation

Misery that we find
Wasted because it doesn't make us stronger

Succes that we gain
Wasted because it makes us more ignorant

Joy that we get
Wasted because we are not thankful for it

Lesson and words that we listen and read
Wasted because they only pass in our memory


*) Taken from a book : "Tafakur; Gado-Gado simpang Lima"

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